About Us

Our goal at MCFX is to assist you in passing your prop firm evaluation and establishing yourself in the financial market. We acknowledge that making it in the finance industry can be somewhat challenging. This is why we made the decision to create a solution that will make trading easier for you.
I'm Mack, the proprietor of MCFX Trading. By utilizing our custom expert advisor, we were able to successfully overcome multiple challenges from prop trading firms such as FTMO, Myforexfund, The Prop Trading and more. Our knowledge and services are being made available to the world because I understand what it's like to face challenges and fail. Rest assured that we understand what you are going through because we have also taken this path.
Our Goal at MCFX is not to make you rich overnight, but to help you gain another source of income consistently from trading prop firm account by using our best automated software.
Please understand that nobody and no system can predict the market at 100% accuracy. All we can do here is find the almost perfect system that will predict the market with the least inaccuracy.
As we grow our community, we will keep building and creating Services we believe that can be beneficial to you so please feel free to reach out to us and ask.